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The Inox in Color® is a company specialized in providing singular Stainless Steel products for Architecture, Interior Design and Industrial Design.

Materials allow professionals find suitable solutions for their projects due to the great versatility in their cladding applications, both in outdoor and indoor projects.

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1 del 2012


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Colored stainless steel

Here comes a revolution to the nobility and quality of stainless steel
now with new textures, etched patterns, customized polishings and
color, so much color, that allow you to create new projects, new ideas,
new esthetic options.

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Architectural mesh

Metallic weaves, flexible and rigid meshes with many available
shapes and designs that allow to cover large external surfaces,
create virtual interior rooms or generate visual illusions by combining
them with light and colors.

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Stainless steel tiles and mosaics

Just like the traditional tiles and mosaics but now in stainless steel.
Easy to apply and to combine with other materials. A new option
for your most fashionable projects and singular designs.

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The Inox in Color®

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