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Legal Notice

CROMODURO BOTIFOLL legal notice was updated on May the 4th 2018

Domain Owner

In accordance with Law 34/2002, July the 11th, of Information Society and E-commerce Services (LSSICE), this is to inform the users that the owner of this domain is:

  • Address: Carretera C16 C Km 3,450 Sant Fruitós de Bages
  • Email: info@cromodurobotifoll.com / info@aujor.com / info@theinoxincolor.com
  • Contact: Tel: +34 93 876 0115
  • CIF: B58552084
  • Registered in Barcelona Trade Registry, Volume 9712, Book 410, Folio 111 and Page 7719.

When referring to website we include all domains that CROMODURO BOTIFOLL has in internet.


The website access and use assigns the website user condition (from now on user) which implies the acceptance of all conditions included in the Legal Notice as well as its modifications, due to the fact that CROMODURO BOTIFOLL, S.L. (from now on, CROMODURO BOTIFOLL ) reserves the right to effect, at any time and without previous notice, website information amendments and updatings, configuration, presentation and access conditions.

Therefore, the user must always read this Legal Notice when acceding the website each time due to the fact that this and the conditions of use described in this Legal Notice, can be modified. Anyway, the sole fact to use and to browse the website,

always implies the acceptance as an unconditional user of each and all access and use general conditions.

Intellectual and Industrial Ownership

All existing website contents such as, including but not limited to, texts, photographies, graphics, videos, images, icons, technology, software, links and other audiovisual and sonorous content, as well as its graphic design and source code, are CROMODURO BOTIFOLL ownership, on having the use and exploitation rights, and in this sense, these become protected works by the applicable law in terms of intellectual and industrial, national and international property in force. It cannot be understood assigned to the User any of the exploitation rights acknowledged by the current regulation in terms of intellectual ownership.

Therefore, according to the legislation in terms of intellectual property and the current dispositions, it is prohibited the total or partial exploitation of any website content as well as the copy, reproduction, adaptation, modification or transformation of web contents, the distribution and the public communication, on including the modality of making it available, the content totality or part of it for commercial purposes, by any medium and technical means without express authorization and written by CROMODURO BOTIFOLL .

Brands, trade names or distinguishing signs are owned by CROMODURO BOTIFOLL , and accessing the web site cannot be understood to attribute any rights over these brands, trade names and/or distinguishing signs.

Therefore, the simple access to the website on behalf of the user, entails the commitment to respect the intellectual property rights and industrial ownership of CROMODURO BOTIFOLL.

Hyperlink and/or Links

In the website contents, links to other webs managed by third parties could be included, in order to enable the user access to the changeable information through internet.

CROMODURO BOTIFOLL does not take any responsibility on third party links existence and other websites than those of CROMODURO BOTIFOLL, and links that could be given through website are for information purposes for its user, but in no case would CROMODURO BOTIFOLL be in a warrantor position and/or a part offering services and/or information that could be offered to third parties through links and therefore, CROMODURO BOTIFOLL will not be responsible for the damage due to illicitness, quality, the failure to update, unavailability, mistake or useless contents and/or services of the linked sites neither by any other damage.

Therefore, CROMODURO BOTIFOLL is exempted of any responsibility for the services and/or information given in other linked web pages to this website. Users should know that in case it is considered that a linked site exists with illicit or inadequated, will be able to inform CROMODURO BOTIFOLL by email.

Last but not least, the introduction of hyperlinks with advertising, commercial or association to WebPages external to CROMODURO BOTIFOLL purposes is forbidden which allow access to CROMODURO BOTIFOLL without consentment or express permission. In case of authorisation on behalf of CROMODURO BOTIFOLL the conditions will be established to introduce links from its pages to CROMODURO BOTIFOLL Website.

Website use conditions

4.1 General

The user recognises and accepts that the access and the use of the website are free and voluntary and are effected under their sole responsibility.

Therefore, the User is bound to use the web in correct and licit manner, according to the Law, this legal notice as well as good will and public order, on refraining from using the web in anyway that could prevent, damage or deteriorate the normal functioning, CROMODURO BOTIFOLL’s properties, rights or interests, those of its supplier, the rest of the users or in general, or the rest of the users or in general, any third party or that in any other manner that overload, damage or disables CROMODURO BOTIFOLL or third parties net, servers and any other hardware or products and software, for which the user will take responsibility in front of CROMODURO BOTIFOLL or third party of any damages and detriment which could be caused as a consequence of the violation of the mentioned obligations.

During the use of the website by the user, the following actions will be also banned, included without limitation, which may be modified:

· The use of any computer system virus or any program or file intended for interrupting, damaging or restrict the Web functioning, of any of CROMODURO BOTIFOLL the services and nets, of any software, hardware or telecom equipment, or damage or obtain non authorised data access or any other CROMODURO BOTIFOLL or third party information.

· Identity theft, service interference or interruption, servers or net connected to services or to violate any of the requirements or regulations of connected nets to the services as well as the use of passwords or any type of access to third parties.

· To falsify or alterate any information of CROMODURO BOTIFOLL.

· Insert, stock or spread in the Web or from the Web any information against the law, the rules, the traditions and public order, or any material that could be defamatory, offensive, abusive, obscene, threatening, xenophobic, violence instigator, discrimation under terms of race, sex, ideology or religion, or any other manner that attempts against the moral, the public order, the fundamental rights, the public freedom, the honour, the intimacy or third party image and in general, the current normative. To perform publicitary activities or commercial abuse through the Web and to use the content and the information to forward advertising, send messages with any other commercial aim, or to gather or stock third party persona data.

· To collaborate with a third party to perform any of the described behaviours.

4.2 In relation with contents and the intellectual and industrial property, apart from the ones expressed in the corresponding section, the following:

· Under no circumstances, not to reproduce, not even by means of an hyper link, CROMODURO BOTIFOLL website nor its content, if it is not by express authority and written by CROMODURO BOTIFOLL.

· No suppress, to avoid or to manipulate CROMODURO BOTIFOLL and any of identity data of its owners rights included in Contents, as well as the technical devices of protection, o any of the information mechanisms that can be contained in the contents.

· Not to disturb, to reprogram, to modify, to adapt nor translate the source code in this webpage.

· It will be considered non authorised copy any partial or total reproduction of the webpage source code in any medium.

· It will also be banned to reproduce or copy for private use the content which can be considered as software or data base according to present legislation in terms of intellectual property, as well as its public communication or its availability to third parties, when these acts imply necessarily the reproduction on users or third party behalf.

· Not to introduce, store or spread through the website any content which infringe intellectual property rights, industrial or third party company secrets and in general, any content which does not hold, according to the law, the right to make available to third parties.

· Not collaborate with a third party to accomplish any of the described behaviours.

Responsibility exclusion

· CROMODURO BOTIFOLL will never be responsible for the circumstances listed herewith, as an information value, not limitated neither damages which can result from them.

· CROMODURO BOTIFOLL does not assume any responsibility for the day, erased, wrong delivery or mistake on saving the Users communications or personal configurations.

· CROMODURO BOTIFOLL will not take responsibility either of the decisions taken from the information supplied in the Website, neither in the liquidated damages to the user or third parties due to acts which have the only bases the information obtained in the website.

· CROMODURO BOTIFOLL reserves the right to refuse to provide the service to anyone for any reason and/or stop the service completely on anytime, with or without notice.

· The Website use is subject to all normative applied and the User will be the only responsible for its content and the communications through website.

· The Website access does not imply the commitment on CROMODURO BOTIFOLL behalf to control de virus the absence of virus, worms or any other damaging computer element. It corresponds to the user, the appropriate tools availability for detection and disinfection of damaging computer programs.

· CROMODURO BOTIFOLL will not take responsibility of the damage caused to the user or third party computers during web service provision.

· CROMODURO BOTIFOLL does not grant any guarantee and does not take any responsibility about liquidated damages of any kind which could ensue from the access or use of the content or the website.

CROMODURO BOTIFOLL will not be responsible neither for:

· The mistakes of security produced by the fact of using infected computers by virus.

· The use by third parties of propriety elements of CROMODURO BOTIFOLL that misled the personality.

· Third party infringements of industrial and intellectual property rights

· Third party failures which could affect CROMODURO BOTIFOLL website users.

· The website non performance, or of any of the services beyond CROMODURO BOTIFOLL control.

· The consequences derived from the poor browser functioning or due to the use of non updated versions of it.

· The existence of virus, malicious programs or wrongful in their contents.

· The incorrect, negligent, fraudulent use, against the terms of the present Legal Notice, or the good will and public order, of the website and its content, on users behalf.

· Any kind of liquidated damages caused to the user, due to failure or disconnections in the telecommunications nets, computer failures or other electronic systems which produce the suspension, cancellation or interruption of the website service, during the service provision or with preceding character.

In accordance to the contents and services linked through this website, we refer to the established in 3 of this Legal Notice which refer to hyperlinks & links.

Enquiries, demands, illicit and inadequate actitivities communication.

Any suggerence, request, complain or claim, the user can contact CROMODURO BOTIFOLL, S.L. through present or future communication channels :

· Address: Carretera C16 C Km 3,450 Sant Fruitós de Bages
· Email: info@cromodurobotifoll.com / info@aujor.com / info@theinoxincolor.com
· Contact: Tel: +34 93 876 0115

The referred communication channels will also be valid for any user who had knowledge of that the linked Site will redirect to pages the contents or services of which are illicit, harmful, degrading, violents or contrary to morals, please contact and communicate CROMODURO BOTIFOLL.

Additionally, the receipt by CROMODURO BOTIFOLL of any communication will imply, according to Law 34/2002, the effective acknowledgment of the activities and/or contents indicated by the user as communicator.

Competent Legislation and Jurisdiction

The present Legal Notice is based on all and each of its extrems by the current national legislation in each moment for the resolution of any controversy in relation with the present Legal Notice or the relation between them.

In the case that any conflict emerges or discrepancy in the interpretation or application of the present legal conditions, the court or tribunal that will be in terms with the subject, will be those according to the legal normative to be applied in applicable in terms of competent jurisdiction, but in case that the user have the residence out from Spain, both parts submit with express renunciation to any other jurisdictionion that could correspond them, in the courts of Manresa.